Ab Juup Oy

Finnish artisan stoves

Ab Juup Oy was founded in 2019, but the story of the stoves dates back to the 1950s. The company’s founder, Christian Juup, is a third-generation stove developer, but he is the first of his family to make Juup’s stoves available to everyone.

In the spring of 2020, we launched the Juup® Original stove, and the Juup® Iivari stove was launched in the spring of 2022. Our stoves are handmade in Loimaa.

A story of a grandfather who couldn't find his stove

The story of Juup® stoves began in the 1950s, when Gösta Juup, a graduate engineer and passionate about saunas, needed a solution to his everyday sauna problem. Gösta, him who used to go to the sauna up to three times a day.

The biggest challenge for Gösta, who so often enjoyed sauna, was the heating time. The traditional stove required several hours before it was ready for “löylys”. Gösta also felt that the stoves on the market did not have a sufficiently wide löyly spectrum, instead each stove had its own kind of löyly that did not necessarily appeal to all members of the family. Where some people like the sharp kind, others enjoy the more gentle kind of löyly.

When, even after many years of searching, the market did not seem to have a stove to meet these needs, Gösta decided to take a seat at the drawing board himself. After numerous prototypes and countless hours spent in the sauna, the first “Juup’s stove” began to take shape.

The result was a stove that heats up amazingly fast and gives you just the kind of löyly you like.

Gösta Juup in 1929.
Photo from the Juup family album.

We are guided by values

We bring people together

We want to bring people together and enable memorable moments of togetherness. The Finnish Moments are made to be shared.

Sustainable development

We pay attention to the well-being of the environment in all our activities. The materials of our products, the consumption of natural resources and our emission targets are based on the principles of sustainable development.

Courage to be different

We walk our own path and do things in our own way without hesitation and share unique experiences with people around the world.


Our main guiding principle is cherishing and fostering the Finnish sauna tradition. We want to create more relaxing moments in the midst of hectic everyday life, and possibilities to disconnect from the outside world in the embrace of löyly. We are unwavering in our strict quality standards, and we offer the most ecological option for accountable consumers. We support Finnish work and keep our production on home soil.


Our product development is continuous and we aim to continuously grow the selection of Juup sauna stoves. With continuous product development, our goal is to launch new sauna stove models, to meet the ever-evolving environmental standards.

We know that wood-burning stoves can last for decades, and can have even smaller emissions in the future.

Christian Juup. Founder of Ab Juup Oy.

The result of three generations of development

Later, the development of the stove was continued by Gösta’s son Ivar, and his grandson Christian brought the third version of the stove to the new millennium.

Ab Juup Oy, founded by Gösta’s grandson Christian Juup in 2019, now designs and manufactures stoves based on Gösta’s invention.

The Juup Original stove was launched in the spring of 2021 and the Juup Iivari stoves in the spring of 2022.

We are constantly doing development work and our goal is to launch 3 new stove models by 2025.

Continuous development work

The entire Juup team is passionate about saunas and spreading sauna culture. Our team has strong expertise in business development, marketing and internationalization.


The most relaxing moment a Finn can experience

We at Juup wanted to find a term that would describe that moment. That feeling that every Finn knows and has experienced. That moment you step into the sauna after a long day and leave all your worries behind and you’re no longer accessible to the outside world. You are completely disconnected from the everyday life filled with electronics and you are fully present. The moment when the sigh of the first löyly echoes in the sauna room and the warm steam embraces your body. This is the moment when everything is okay. This is The Finnish moment®.

Juup stoves are a tribute to this moment and emotion. Our stoves are Finnish sauna innovations that have been designed, developed and built by sauna enthusiasts – for three generations.