Juup stoves – made from durable materials with Finnish handicrafts

Finnish, hand-made artisan stoves that offer versatile löylys.

Juup Iivari

9-18 m³

Compact stove for longer löylys

Juup Iivari is the next generation of Juup Original, born of the real need and feedback from of our customers. Juup Iivari is very similar in structure to its predecessor, but it is also suitable for smaller sauna rooms (9–18m³).

Like the Original, Iivari offers versatile löylys and is robust, thus serving its users for decades.

Iivari has two models, Iivari and Iivari Punos (= Plait).

Thanks to their solid and durable construction, the stoves carry a 10 year warranty in home use.

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Juup Original

14-30+ m³

Durability and versatile löylys

Juup Original is the father of all our stoves, offering versatile löylys, a new way of heating wood-burning sauna stoves, as well as enjoyable sauna experiences for decades to come.

Juup Original is built from high quality materials that guarantee its long lifespan. Each stove is finished by hand, ensuring the quality we promise.

The easy-to-use CE-marked* stove heats up quickly, using less wood than traditional wood-burning stoves.

However, the biggest secret of this stove lies in its ability to offer its user exactly the kind of löyly they like. By pouring water on different areas of the stone nest, you can enjoy either hotter and sharper löyly all the way to soft, humid löyly.

Thanks to their solid and durable construction, the stoves carry a 10 year warranty in home use.

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* Type tested according to EN 15821: 2010. Test facility identification number NB 2450.

Each Juup stove is handcrafted in Loimaa, Finland. The Juup stove is the perfect choice for both a summer cottage and a home sauna. Our stoves not only heat the sauna stones, but the entire sauna room with a comfortable, even heat.

Juup stoves offer a very versatile löylys, so you’re always able to create a sauna experience to your liking.

Our stoves are dimensioned for sauna rooms of different sizes. The smaller Juup Iivari is best suited for 9–18 m³ sauna rooms, and the larger Juup Original effectively heats even large 14–30 + m³ sauna rooms.

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Versatile löylys

In Juup stoves, the sauna stones are directly above the fireplace in a “stone bowl”.

This allows the stones to heat up quickly and every drop of water to evaporate into the sauna. The water that does not immediately evaporate on contact with the hot stones drains down to the bottom of the bowl and gradually evaporates. This results in soft, humid and long-lasting löylys.

By adjusting the temperature of the stove and the amount of water, you can create exactly the kind of löylys you like. Sharp löylys are created when you throw small amounts of water onto a hot stove several times. But if you like soft and humid löylys, pour more water into a stove at lower temperature. This creates a steam bath-like löyly.

Fast and economical

Juup stoves challenge the operating model of traditional wood-burning stoves. Our stoves are designed primarily to heat the sauna room and secondarily the stone nest. When the sauna room warms up throughout, your toes do not freeze, even if the stone nest is above your feet.

Utilizing thermodynamics, the stove cycles the cold sauna room air between the mantle and the fireplace, from the bottom of the stove. This air heats up inside the stove and blows out hot from the top of the stove. Thanks to this, the temperature of the sauna rises steadily and quickly.

In a large combustion chamber, the wood burns clean and hot, with minimal emissions. This is best seen in the fact that there is little smoke coming from the chimney after the ignition phase, only hot air vibrating.


The most relaxing moment a Finn can experience

We at Juup wanted to find a term that would describe that moment. That feeling that every Finn knows and has experienced. That moment you step into the sauna after a long day and leave all your worries behind and you’re no longer accessible to the outside world. You are completely disconnected from the everyday life filled with electronics and you are fully present. The moment when the sigh of the first löyly echoes in the sauna room and the warm steam embraces your body. This is the moment when everything is okay. This is The Finnish moment®.

Juup stoves are a tribute to this moment and emotion. Our stoves are Finnish sauna innovations that have been designed, developed and built by sauna enthusiasts – for three generations.


The frame of the stoves and the fireplace are made of 3 mm carbon steel and the fireplace has only one weld seam. This allows the stove to last from one generation to the next. The original stoves, built by Gösta Juup in the 1950s, are still in use.

Thanks to their solid and durable construction, we grant our stoves a 10-year warranty in home use.