Finnish artisan stoves

From start to finish, design sauna stoves made by hand in Finland, offering versatile löyly experiences.

The result of three generations of development

The first "Juup's stove" was born in the 1940s

In the 1940s, Gösta Juup used to sauna three times a day, but heating the stove took too much time on weekdays. As a solution to the problem, the inventive graduate engineer developed a fast-heating stove that could be used at high temperatures as a dry sauna or in the traditional way of throwing löyly.

At the same time, Gösta found himself inventing a stove that is unprecedentedly efficient, tree-saving and low-smoke. Later, the development of the stove was continued by Gösta’s son Ivar, and his grandson Christian brought the third version of the stove to the new millennium.

Finnish design and quality.

Recognition of Finnish expertise

Our stoves have been awarded the esteemed Design from Finland and Key Flag labels, which together emphasize our commitment to high-quality Finnish design, craftsmanship, and domestic manufacturing. Juup stoves are committed to durability and quality, which is why we offer a long warranty on our products.

Discover our unique design artisan stoves and experience the versatile steam that only Juup can offer.

Juup Iivari

Compact stove for longer löylys

The Iivari is the next generation of Juup sauna stoves, born from our customers’ genuine needs. Juup Iivari is similar to its predecessor but suits better for smaller sauna rooms (9–18m³).

Like the Original, Iivari offers versatile löylys and is robust, thus serving its users for decades.

Thanks to their solid and durable construction, the stoves carry a 10 year warranty in home use.

Juup Original

Durability and versatile löylys

The authentic and original Juup Original, born already in the 1940s, is a handcrafted sauna heater built from high-quality materials, heating up quickly while saving wood.

Versatile steam is created by pouring water onto different parts of the stone compartment.

Thanks to its sturdy structure, a 10-year warranty is granted for the stoves in domestic use.

* Type tested according to EN 15821: 2010. Test facility identification number NB 2450.

Customer feedback

Versatile löylys

Inspired by the smoke sauna.

Inspired by the soft and moist steam of a smoke sauna, Juup stoves offer a variety of steam experiences.

By pouring water onto different parts of the heater and adjusting the temperature and amount of water, you can create exactly the kind of steam that you prefer.


The most relaxing moment a Finn can experience

We at Juup wanted to find a term that would describe that moment. That feeling that every Finn knows and has experienced. That moment you step into the sauna after a long day and leave all your worries behind and you’re no longer accessible to the outside world. You are completely disconnected from the everyday life filled with electronics and you are fully present. The moment when the sigh of the first löyly echoes in the sauna room and the warm steam embraces your body. This is the moment when everything is okay. This is The Finnish moment®.

Juup stoves are a tribute to this moment and emotion. Our stoves are Finnish sauna innovations that have been designed, developed and built by sauna enthusiasts – for three generations.

Development work continues

Product development every day

Juup stoves are developed in the hands of genuine sauna enthusiasts in Turku, Finland and each stove is handcrafted in Loimaa, Finland.

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