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Story about a grandfather, that couldn't find his sauna stove.

The story of Juup® heaters began in the 1950’s when graduate engineer and passionate sauna bather Gösta Juup, that used to sauna up to three times a day, needed a solution to his everyday sauna problem.

The biggest challenge for him was time, as traditional stoves required several hours of heating. Gösta also felt that the stoves on the market did not have a sufficiently wide “löyly” (steam) spectrum. Instead, each stove had its own singular type of löyly, that did not necessarily appeal to all family members.

After many years of trying to find a stove that pleased, Gösta decided to sit down by the drawing board himself.  After several prototypes and endless hours spent in the sauna, the first Juup -stove started to take form.

The result was a sauna stove, that heated the sauna in less than 20min and that had a wide range of löly types. One for every family member and friend.

Ab Juup Oy, which was founded by Göstas grandson Christian Juup in 2019, produces and designs sauna stoves that are based on Göstas original invention and design.

Gösta Juup 1929.
Picture from the Juup familyalbum.

Juup Original® - is handmade in Finland.

A Finnish sauna innovation, designed, developed and built by true sauna enthusiasts in three generations.

The easy-to-use and CE-marked stove heats up to over 80°C in about 15min and using less wood than traditional sauna stoves.

The efficient stove is also proven* to produce far less emissions. The Juup® -Original sauna stoves carbon monoxide emissions are only 0,11 %**, which is one of the smallest on the market.

Juup® Original -stoves efficiency is over 72% and are suitable for 14 m³ and bigger sauna rooms.

Ab Juup Oy has been granted the Finnish Key Flag Symbol. The sertificate is a registered collective mark and it demonstrates that the product has been manufactured in Finland, creating Finnish jobs.

*Tested according to EN 15821: 2010. Test facility identification number NB 2450. **red. O2 13 %


The body and firebox are made of 3mm carbon steel and only have one weld seam. This allows the stove to last from one generation to the next. There are original stoves, built by Gösta Juup in the 1960s, that are still in use.

Due to its solid and durable construction, we grant the heater a 10-year warranty for home use.

Fast and economical

The Juup® Original heater challenges the operating model of traditional heaters. The stove is designed primarily to heat the sauna room and secondarily the stone nest.

Utilizing thermodynamics, the heater absorbs the cold air in the sauna room between the mantle and the firebox, from the bottom of the heater. This air heats up inside and blows out hot from the top of the heater. As a result, the sauna temperature rises by up to 10 ° C per minute, depending on the size and materials of the sauna room.

Thanks to its two hatches, the stove is very easy to ignite and only needs one nest to warm up, as well as just a few firewoods to maintain the temperature. The wood burns clean due to its large combustion space and the measured * carbon monoxide emission is only 0.11% **, which is one of the lowest values ​​on the market.

*Tested according to EN 15821: 2010. Test facility identification number NB 2450. **red. O2 13 %

Leidenfrost effect

The Leidenfrost effect is a phenomenon that occurs when a liquid comes into contact with a hot surface. This effect is best seen when water drops are dropped on a hot frying pan. The water droplets do not evaporate immediately but remain “dancing” in the pan. This is because a thin layer of steam is formed under the droplets, which isolates the droplets from the pan and prevents it to quickly evaporate. This same phenomenon also occurs when steam is thrown into a hot stove. In reality, only part of the steam water evaporates and the rest drains to the floor.

Versatile löyly

In the Juup® Original heater, the stones are directly above the firebox in a “stone pot”. In this way, the stones heat up quickly and every single drop of the löyly-water evaporates in to the sauna. The water that does not evaporate when in contact with the hot rocks, drains down to the bottom of the pot and gradually evaporates. This results in soft, moist and a long-lasting löyly.

Juup® Original

Technical information

Minimum volume of the sauna room
14 m³
Temperature class required for chimneys
Connection hole diameter
115 mm
Stones (max.)
65 kg
Net weight
117 kg
Width x Depth x Height
515 x 609 x 1400 mm
+ adjustable feet
0 – 50 mm
Safety Distances
(Sides / Above)
300 / 900 mm
Safety distance
(non burning materials)
50 mm

Performance level at rated power

Flue gas temperature (medium – max)
386 – 457 °C
Rated power
41,3 kW
Heat output to the sauna room
29,8 kW
Carbon monoxide emissions (red. O₂ 13 %)
1331 mg/m³ (n)
Carbon monoxide emissions (red. O₂ 13 %)
0,11 %
Overall efficiency
72,2 %
Primer wood amount
5,5 kg

The Juup® Original heater has been type-tested according to EN 15821: 2010.

Test facility identification number: NB 2450.

Instructions & Brochures

Here you can download the Juup® Original operating and installation instructions as well as the heating instructions.

Stove parts

A1. Chimney as a side installation
A2. Chimney as a vertical installation
B. Stone pot
C. Inner frame
D. Filling hatch
E. Outer sheath
F. Ignition hatch
G. Ashtray and draft adjustment

Juup® Original

Safety distances


minimum protection distance from the top of the heater to the ceiling 900mm.

Minimum protection distances of the stove for combustible materials:
Sides 300mm (B), behind 300mm (C), front 500mm (D).

We recommend to leave an air gap of approx. 50 mm between the heater and the walls(E).
This requires that the front and other sides of the heater are free for air circulation.

If the heater is installed in a wall recess, leave an air gap of 100 mm between the heater and the walls. (F).

Order Juup® Original

The Juup® -Original basic model is delivered with pictured steel hatches, side or vertical flue mounting, pine handles and the upper and lower parts painted matt black.

The outer casing is made of sheet metal, which patinates wonderfully to almost matte black in a few years. The handmade stove also comes with a copper plate showing the stove model, the builder’s name and signature and the serial number. The serial numbers of the heaters are defined by orders.

You also have the option of ordering your stove with special equipment, such as a glass lower hatch, the entire stove painted in selected colors or special handles.

Juup® Original -sauna stove

1 490 €

+ shipping in Finland 120 € (pickup from Loimaa 0€) Contact for other countries!

Additional options:

  • Glass Lower-hatch: 80 €
  • Full painting: 160 €
    (matte black)
  • Chimney cover plate: 125 €
    (for flue connector side mounting)
  • Special handles: Coming soon!

All prices include vat. 24%


Every heater is made by and and per order. The delivery time is around 4 weeks.

The heater has a fifty (50) day return policy and a ten (10) year warranty.

Juup® Original stove:

  • 14 m³ and larger saunas
  • Warms up to over 80 ° C in just ~ 15 minutes
  • Consumes less wood than traditional wood-burning stoves
  • Easy to light thanks to two hatches
  • Lower-emission, carbon monoxide emissions only 0.11%
  • Made by hand in Finland (Loimaa)
  • 10-year warranty for home use
  • 50 day return policy


You can order the stove via the form below. After your order we will be in contact and verify the delivery time.


The Juup® Original heater is on display and available for purchase:
K-Rauta Kuninkoja – Raisio
Saunatuote – Lohja
Taloon.com – Ideapark 
Netrauta.com – Tammisto

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The most relaxing moment, a Finn can experience.

We at Juup wanted to find a way to describe the unique feeling, that every Finnish person knows and have experienced. The feeling that time after time, is voted to be the most relaxing moment, that a Finn can experience.

After a long day, when you finally can put away all your worries and step into the sauna, disconnect from all electronic devices. You climb up on the sauna bench and throw the first “löyly”.  The sound from the water hitting the hot stones echoes in the room and the steam cradle your body. At this moment you fall into a complete harmony and sense of clarity. We dare to call this sensation; The Finnish momentTM.

The Juup Original® sauna stove is a finnish innovation and design, hand crafted and built by real finnish sauna enthusiasts to ensure a never before seen quality.

Christian Juup

Ab Juup Oy

Y: 3099090-6


You can be in contact via the form below, by email sales@juup.fi or by phone +358 40 737 1571.