Juup Iivari – Punos (Plait)

Artesan sauna stove


Juup Iivari Punos is very similar in structure to its predecessor, but it is better suited for smaller sauna rooms. As its predecessor, Iivari Punos offers versatile löylys, is robust and will serve for decades.

Juup Iivari Punos is part of the smaller Iivari line, and is fitted with a larger stone cradle compared to the base model Juup Iivari. The stone cradle fits approx. 85 kg of sauna stones, depending on the size and material of the stones. This way Punos offers longer löylys and stores heat better than the base model Iivari, but the heating time is naturally a bit longer.

The top part of the stove is mesh, which is called a stone net. This means you can pour löyly water also on the edges of the stone cradle. The mesh makes Punos stand out visually from other Juup sauna stoves.

Thanks to its robust and durable construction, the stove carries a 10-year warranty in home use.

Juup Iivari Punos can be ordered with either rear or vertical smoke flue. The walnut handles shown in the pictures are available at an additional cost.

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Juup Iivari Punos is the next generation of Juup Original, and our second model in the smaller Iivari line. Juup Iivari Punos is very similar in structure to its predecessor, but it is better suited for smaller sauna rooms. The design of Iivari Punos (Plait) influences its name, as it features a plait-like mesh, giving the sauna stove distinct visual looks. Iivari Punos offers you versatile löylys, and will serve you for decades.

1750,00 1820,00  incl. 24% VAT

Juup Iivari stove is a Finnish handicraft.

A Finnish sauna innovation designed, developed and built by sauna enthusiasts. Already in three generations.

The easy-to-use and CE-marked stove heats up quickly, using less wood than traditional wood-burning stoves.

An efficient stove produces less emissions and studies* show that the Juup Iivari sauna stove’s carbon monoxide emissions are only 0.15% **, one of the lowest values on the market.

The efficiency of the Juup Iivari stove is over 68 % and is suitable for 9 m³ and larger saunas.

Ab Juup Oy has been granted the Avainlippu certification. Avainlippu is a registered community trademark and guarantees that the product is made in Finland and employs people in Finland.

* Type tested according to EN 15821: 2010. Test facility identification number NB 2450. **red. O2 13 %

Versatile löylys

In Juup stoves, the sauna stones are directly above the fireplace in a “stone bowl”.

This allows the stones to heat up quickly and every drop of water to evaporate into the sauna. The water that does not immediately evaporate on contact with the hot stones drains down to the bottom of the bowl and gradually evaporates. This results in soft, humid and long-lasting löylys.

By adjusting the temperature of the stove and the amount of water, you can create exactly the kind of löylys you like. Sharp löylys are created when you throw small amounts of water onto a hot stove several times. But if you like soft and humid löylys, pour more water into a stove at lower temperature. This creates a steam bath-like löyly.

Technical information

Sauna room volume (min / max)
9–18 m³
Temperature class required for smoke flue
Connection hole diameter
115 mm
Weight of stones (max.)
A 45 / B 85 kg
Net weight
117 kg
Width x Depth x Height
515 x 609 x 910 mm
+ adjustable feet
0 – 50 mm
Safety distances
(combustible materials, sides / top)
200 / 1100 mm
Safety distances
(non-combustible materials)
50 mm
Hatch size
Ø 210 mm

Performance level at rated power

Flue gas temperature (average – max)
436,1 – 519,4 °C
Rated power
27,2 kW
Heat output into the sauna room
18,6 kW
Carbon monoxide emissions (red. O₂ 13 %)
2115 mg/m³ (n)
Carbon monoxide emissions % (red. O₂ 13 %)
0,15 %
Overall efficiency
68,3 %
Ignition charge
5 kg
Additional contribution
2 kg

The Juup® Iivari stove has been type-tested according to EN 15821: 2010.

Identification number of the test facility: NB 2450.

Instructions & Brochures

Parts of the stove

A1. Smoke flue (side mounting) Ø 115 mm
A2. Smoke flue (top mounting) Ø 115 mm
B. Stone pot
C. Fire pit
D. Sheath (mantle)
E. Stone net (Model B)
F. Hatch (Ø 210 mm)
G. Ash hatch and draft adjustment


The heater body and fireplace are constructed of 3 mm carbon steel and the fireplace has only one weld seam. This allows the stove to last from one generation to the next. The original stoves, built by Gösta Juup in the 1950s, are still in use.

Thanks to its solid and durable construction, we grant the stove a 10-year warranty in home use.